Feather Glass Full-Carbon Tempered Protector for iPhone

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Protect your iPhone's display with this high tension tempered glass screen protector. With an ultra-thin design, clarity and sensitivity, you wouldn't even know it is there!


  • Feather Class Glass - At 2.5D or 0.25mm, this Tempered Glass is so thin, you wouldn't know it is there.
  • 9H Tempered glass construction - Protect your iPhone's display against scratches, drops and impacts with this 9H hardness rated tempered glass screen protector.
  • Optimum clarity and sensitivity - Once applied, the Feather Glass screen protector has been designed to be hardly noticeable and so does not effect the sensitivity or clarity of the display. This is the result of the screen protector having a 95% light penetration ratio.
  • Easy to apply - The Feather Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector is custom cut and so applying them is effortless. Prior to fitting the glass screen protector, ensure your iPhone is clean and dust free using the provided cleaning pack, microfibre cloth and dust removal stickers. Once clean, line up the screen protector and apply it. As the screen protector is constructed from tempered glass, there's a minimal risk of bubbles once applied.


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