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Hardware wallets are regarded as the safest means of storing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is due to the fact that the wallet is offline and each device grants the holder possession of their private keys and adds a PIN code plus other tamper-proof technologies for enhanced security. When purchased from an authorized retailer, it is theoretically impossible for the stored asset to get hacked and stolen. However, that can't be said the same when purchasing from a non-authorized retailer as a British man who lost his “life savings” after purchasing his nano s from eBay would tell you.  The Man...

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The short answer to that question is YES but life is never that simple. The real answer is it depends. It depends on the value of the cryptocurrencies you have or intend to purchase. If let's say you only possess $50 worth of Bitcoin, it wouldn't make much sense to spend $150 on a hardware wallet. That $150 is better spent on buying more Bitcoin. However, the $150 makes a lot more sense when you possess thousands worth of cryptocurrency. At this moment, there are 3 big players in this space: Ledger Wallet Trezor Wallet KeepKey We have done a...

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The Importance of a Hardware Wallet You have finally entered the Cryptoverse and gotten your hands on a bunch of bitcoins to maybe Invest or hire a killer. Whatever your reasons maybe, I won't judge. Most people would store it in the exchange that they bought it in. However, there is a real risk of the exchange being hacked at any moment or an unexpected event can occur that will result in you losing all your crypto assets. This has happened numerous times in the past. Ultimately, it is your own responsibility to secure your assets in the crypto world. The...

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