The Best Truly Wireless Earbuds on the Market - Apple AirPods vs Skybuds vs Bragi Dash vs IQBuds

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The Best Truly Wireless Earbuds on the Market - Apple AirPods vs Skybuds vs Bragi Dash vs IQBuds

Hearables are said to be the perfect wearable tech and while the past few years may have been quiet so far, there clearly is a growing appetite in active people for truly wireless earbuds.

Here, we will look at the more reputable devices out there in the market namely, Apple's AirPods, the Bragi Dash, Skybuds and Nuheara's IQBuds.

IQbuds by Nuheara

nuheara iqbuds

Let us start of with the earbuds with the most promise out of the bunch. Boasting features such as "Voice Augmentation", "Blended Audio Worlds" and "Dynamic Noise Control", it is hard to not get excited over this hearable.

The IQbuds has a basic design for wireless earbuds, similar to the Bragi Dash and Doppler Labs' Here One. Surprisingly, even with the jam packed features of the earbuds, the IQbuds are extremely comfortable with a reviewer even stating "within about a week we started to forget we even had the earbuds in our ears", which speaks volumes about the comfort level you can achieve with the right fit.

Battery Life was excellent with reviewers never running out of power during real world tests and reviewers were pleased with the depth of the bass, clear upper frequencies, and easily discernable mid-range sound present in the IQbuds.

When it comes to Speech Augmentation, the IQbuds blows it out of the park.

Here is Digital Trends Review of the IQbuds Speech Augmentation:

"The improved ability to understand what other people were saying was dramatic, compared to this reviewer’s normal issues with speech clarity. When we ate at the loudest restaurant in town, sitting in the middle, we didn’t have to ask our lunch companion or the waiter to repeat even once. While driving on the highway in an SUV during out testing, we were aware of the loud tire noise. After dialing back the ambient sound setting at the next stop, the noise was much duller and no longer interfered with conversation.

In the middle of a large church packed with 500-600 people, for the first time, we heard the directionality of sound, from the choir to the speakers. Loud clapping that begins each service was dramatically reduced.

Probably the most dramatic improvement was in a home setting, where our incessant need to ask family members to repeat themselves was greatly reduced. All in all, Nuheara’s IQbuds ability to improve voice comprehension was superlative and significantly better than we’d hoped for."

For its intended purposes, the IQbuds does its job well. When it comes to features, the IQbuds are well ahead of its competition. However, if you are only looking for wireless earbuds, the IQbuds may come out pricey for your needs.

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SkyBuds by Alpha Audiotronics

Skybuds wireless earbuds

The SkyBuds are a relatively newcomer in the space of wireless earbuds and has delivered greatly on its promises. 

In many settings I think they even sound better than either of Bragi’s earbuds, and on par with wired earbuds in the same price range. They’re bass-heavy like the Dash, but the bass doesn’t stomp all over the finer details in the middle and high frequencies. They create rich, clear sound, but songs with lots of loud bass and drums also hold up well. There's a roominess and warmth to the sound, too. This all appears to be owed to the digital processing being done by the buds themselves — something you can actually turn off in the Skybuds app in order to squeeze an extra half hour or so out of the battery.

Many reviewers have noted that the SkyBuds are the best sounding Wireless Earbuds on the market!

However, the bluetooth connection between the Skybuds and the smartphone was not perfect. The earbuds are a little more susceptible to interruptions than their competitors and usually occur when the phone is in the back pocket. Otherwise, the connection is mostly solid.

The Apple AirPods

apple airpods

The AirPods has an odd look - a traditional pair of Apple earbuds cut off abruptly a couple of inches below the bud. They look futuristic yet weird at the same time. Surprisingly, looks can be deceiving. Most customers aren't complaining about the fit and have grown to love the AirPods as their irreplaceable set of earphones.

Apple's auto-pairing works very well and its auto pause/play functionality has shown to be much more than just a gimmick.

Sadly, the one drawback that comes with the AirPods is its sound quality. They sound exactly like Apple's earpods which aren't anything to hype about especially for the price Apple is going here. That is without mentioning the lack of noise cancellation or isolation.

 The Bragi Dash

Bragi dash

Bragi was one of the first to enter the hearable space, promising a truly wireless smart audio solution at a time where the most wireless option available was the Bluebuds X. For the most part, they delivered. The Dash came with a cable-free bluetooth design and 4GB of onboard storage to store your music when you do not want the hassle of bringing your phone.

The Dash also surprised us with its powerful audio performance and solid bass response. However, it does come with its downsides. The battery life is lackluster and the controls take some time to get use to.

All in all, the Dash delivered on its promises but with the growing number of competitors in the space, it is hard to recommend it at the price it comes in.


Ultimately, it comes down to what you are looking for. If you are looking for the best Wireless Earbud in terms of audio quality, the SkyBuds come out on top. In terms of "Smart" features, the IQbuds, with its spectacular speech enhancements, is well ahead. When it comes to convenience, the Apple Airpods lead the pack with its seamless integration with iOS. 

For us, we will have to go with the Skybuds. For many years, the main downfall with wireless earphones come due to its lackluster audio quality. The Skybuds may just be the first earphones that resolve that issue and its overall performance is well beyond our expectations.

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